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Pic of Scenery
Red-Crowned Crane
Cemetery of Ximan Revolutionary Martyrs
        Nianzishan Mountain Area is located in the northeast part of Qiqihar City, which is the complementary dike of Greater Xing'anling Mountains, with wonderful view and enchanting scenery. There is the Sna......

        Meilisi Dawur District of Qiqihar City is situated in the west part of Songnen Plain and on the right bank of Nenjiang River, which is only one Dawur ethnic group district of five districts governed by mu.....

Stone Arrowhead
Bronze Decorations
Jade Belt Hamulus
Economic Construction
        Qiqihar City regards construction of Ecological and Garden City, Capital of Green Foods, Equipment Industry Base, Ecological Tourism Hometown and Famous City for Border Culture as the target and actively promotes the reform and opening-up ......
Survey of the City
         Qiqihar is a civilized ancient city with more than 300 years of history, which was first built in the 38 th year of Kangxi's Reign of Qing Dynasty (1699). Qiqihar is a Dawur word, which means border or natural pasture . Qiqihar has the honorary names of Longsha and Pukui , etc. Heilongjiang Martial domiciled in Qiqihar City in the 38 th year of Kangxi's Reign ......
Minority Nationality
        Most minority nationality populations in the urban area of Qiqihar City inhabit together with Han nationality population. As for historical reasons, national traditional customs and implementation of the national policies from the party, there are 3 minority nationality compact living townships and 28 m......
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