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Geography and Topography

        Qiqihar is located in the northeastern Songnen Plain of China. It's in 122 -126 E and
45-48 N, adjacent to Daqing City and Suihua Area in east, it joints with Baicheng Area of Jilin Province in south, it connects with Hulunbeir League of Inner Mongolia in west and it borders on Heihe and Greater Xing'anling Mountains in north, with the total land area of 42,289 kO, and its height above sea level is normally between 200 m and 500 m.

        Qiqihar is surrounded by Greater Xing'anling Mountains and Lesser Xing'anling Mountains in three directions respectively of west, north and northeast, the topography is in a horse hoof shape, which is high on both sides while low in the middles and the altitude gradually decreases from north to south. Plain is the main topography (including valley plain, estuary plain, lake and swamp plain, alluvial plain covered by sand hills), and the percentage of plain is 83.7%; the percentage of high plain (including denudation high plain and alluvial high plain) is 7.6%; the mountainous region (including low hills, hills, volcanoes and basalt mountains) percentage is 4.2%.


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