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ĦöSummary of the 11 th Five-year Plan of National Economy and Social Development of Qiqihar City Qiqihar Municipal Government

Economic Construction

ĦĦĦĦQiqihar City regards construction of Ecological and Garden City, Capital of Green Foods, Equipment Industry Base, Ecological Tourism Hometown and Famous City for Border Culture as the target and actively promotes the reform and opening-up and economic and social development. The urban and rural appearances look brand-new. Qiqihar has successively performed extensive economic interactions with more than 40 countries respectively of America, Russia, Korea, Japan, Germany, Canada, Singapore, etc and Hong Kong and Taiwan areas and has established horizontal economic combination with 221 areas, cities and counties from 29 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions of China.

ĦĦĦĦQiqihar City is a hub of communications and materials distribution center covering across three provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Inner Mongolia. Qiqihar is equipped with railways extending in all directions and the Qibei Railway, Binzhou Railway, Qijia Railway and Qiping Railway intersect here and extend from here; the highway system in Qiqihar extends in all directions as well and the Hahei Highway, Suiman Highway, Nianbei Highway and Daqi Highway and other advanced highways run through the entire city; the airlines to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have been open for the airport of Qiqihar City. Qiqihar is a port city approved by the state.

ĦĦĦĦThe guiding idea for the economic and social development of the entire city is to take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of Ħ°Three RepresentativeĦħ as guidance, take the scientific development concept to lead the whole situation, to completely implement the spirit of the 5 th Plenary Session of the 16 th People's Congress and the important decisions made by the provincial government, to closely catch hol d o the opportunity of rejuvenating Northeastern Industrial Base and Ha-Da-Qi Industrial Corridor construction, to actively construct the harmonious society, to take quick and favorable development as the subject, to take transformation of increase mode, adjustment of industrial structure and promotion of coordination as the masterstroke, to take reform and opening-up and scientific and technological progress as the impetus, to take the promotion of people's overall development as the fundamental starting point and standing point and to make great efforts in improving the independent innovation capability. Continue to maintain the development orientation of Ecological Garden City, Capital of Green Foods, Equipment Industry Base and Ecological Tourism hometown, constantly expanding two major bases and nine major industries in accordance with the overall development idea of the entire party participate into the management of enterprises, the entire citizens participate into the business invitation, make efforts in promoting quick development and to build a well-off society and the four transposition development requirement of county economy, and extend 11 industrial chains, promote industrial centralization, make efforts in building brand and lay a solid foundation for the rejuvenation of old industrial base and building of a well-off society.

ĦĦĦĦI. The Industrial Economy with Priority on Equipment Manufacturing Industry

ĦĦĦĦQiqihar City is strong in industrial base, which is one of the important industrial bases constructed by the state during the First-Five-Year-Plan and the Second-Five-Year-Plan period. Qiqihar is called Steel Machinery City as well, which has created splendid achievements for the national liberation cause and the economic construction of China. Qiqihar has been famous far and near and has won attention from the state during the First-Five-Year-Plan period. China First Heavy Industries (CFHI) in Qiqihar is the largest metallurgic, forging, refining and other heavy equipment manufacturing and research and development enterprise of Asia, which is honored as Ħ°Elder Son of the RepublicĦħ and Ħ°National TreasureĦħ for it once manufactured the first 10000 ton water press for China; Qiqihar No.1 Machine Tool Factory and Qiqihar No.2 Machine Tool Factory which are called Eighteen Arhats in Qiqihar City, are important manufacturing and research and development bases for large and heavy digital control machine tools of China; the largest railway freight train manufacturing and research and development base Qiqihar Railway Rolling Stock is also in Qiqihar; Beiman Special Steel (Group) Corporation of Qiqihar City is a national important special steel research and development and manufacturing base, at the same time, there is Fularji Power Generation Plant that provides important guarantee for the industrial production and people's living in northeastern area in Qiqihar City and there are three war industry enterprises that once made important contributions to the national defence industry in Qiqihar City respectively of Qiqihar Jianhua Industrial Corporation, Qiqihar Heping Machinery Factory and Heilongjiang Huaan Industrial Group. The party and national leaders of previous generations Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun, Peng Dehuai and Ye Jianying, and so on once went to Qiqihar to inspect the industrial construction. After more than 50-year's construction and development, particularly since the reform and opening-up, the city has formed a new industrial system with machinery, metallurgy, petroleum chemical industry as main boy, with textile, food, paper making, building materials, pharmaceutical and power industry as backbone and with national-level and provincial-level high and new technological industrialization model projects as forerunner, which has a complete category, a centralized industry pattern and a strong counterpart capability.

ĦĦĦĦThe strong industrial base of Qiqihar City in equipment manufacturing industry and the talent, technology and management strength have created the fundamental advantages and conditions for quickening the development during the 11 th -Five-Year-Plan period. The state has implemented the in-depth strategy of rejuvenating the old industrial base and the entire province has planned to construct Ha-Da-Qi Industrial Corridor that has been ranked as key construction area by the state in the 11 th -Five-Year-Plan, which has brought an important and historic opportunity to the city for the revitalization of the industry of the city.

ĦĦĦĦAfter untiring efforts taken in the past several years, the equipment industry of Qiqihar City played a supporting and leading role in the industrial and economic development of the city by taking the modern industrial way of making use of self advantages and taking science and technology as the forerunner.

ĦĦĦĦII. The Agricultural Economy with Priority on Green Food Production

ĦĦĦĦThe cultivated land area in Qiqihar City is more than 26 million mu, and the agricultural population of the city is over 3.5 million. It's a large commercial grain production base and an animal husbandry base. The Capital of Green Foods construction is being steadily promoted in the city. Green Food Exhibition of Qiqihar China is held in the city every year after the approval from the Ministry of Agriculture of China and the Provincial Government of Heilongjiang, which has become an important approach for Crane City to walk up to the world. The green special products are all over the Crane City; Nehe City is the Potato Hometown of China, Yian County is the White Goose Hometown of China and the Purple-flowered Kidney Bean Hometown of China, Gannan County is the Sunflower Hometown of China, Tailai County is the Mung Bean Hometown of China and Baiquan County is the Kidney Bean of China, and the ecological agricultural construction has won prize from International Organization.

ĦĦĦĦQiqihar is in the Midwest of Songnen Plain, which is one of the three major black soil zones of the world. The hinterland of Songnen Plain is fertile with expanse field and plain, clear river and green water, four colorful seasons, high quality of air, water and soil, favorable ecological environment and abundant agricultural resources. It's an ideal place for green food production. It's in a cold and temperate zone with a continental monsoon climate. The main characteristics are long and cold winter, dry and windy spring, hot and rainy summer, cool autumn with early frost, the yearly average temperature is 4.5 Ħĉ , the yearly rainfall is 371.7 mm, the sunshine duration hours is 2,927.6 hours and the frost-free period is around 135 days. The soil types are distributed in diversifications, which are mainly blackland, chernozem, meadow soil, swamp soil and sand soil, etc, and the percentage of chernozem and meadow soil is above 90%. The soils are high in heat quantity, good in penetrability, light in quality and the land is fertile. So that it's suitable for the growth of soybean, wheat, corn, paddy rice, potato, miscellaneous grains, sunflower and other crops. The present cultivated land area is 26.95 million mu, the forest land area is 6.93 million mu, the grassland area is 8.5 million mu, the reed pond area is 1.24 million mu and the water surface area available is 1.13 million mu with 175 big and small rivers. Nenjiang River, one of the two unpolluted rivers of China passes through Qiqihar City, which has a favorable ecological environment. Qiqihar is endowed with unique superior conditions to develop ecological agriculture and green food industry. In recent years, the Municipal Committee and Municipal Government have maintained the guideline of holding green brand and taking green way in making great efforts to develop high quality, high efficiency, pollution free and contamination free food, to promote industrialized operation, which have rapidly upgraded the reputation and market share of Qiqihar's green food. 127 green food bases have been established, the green crops area planted in accordance with green food production technological procedures has reached 5.95 million mu, and the yearly green food output has surpassed 0.3 million ton. 6 major categories of 84 products have obtained the national green food marks, 6 products have obtained natural food certificates issued by American Natural Food Association, 6 counties (cities) have obtained 13 titles of China Special Local Products Hometown, Qiqihar City has been continuously awarded with the title of Advanced Environmental-Protection City for 11 years. Qiqihar has 27 million mu of cultivated lands. 2 counties have passed national-level and provincial-level ecological model area check and acceptance, 5 counties (cities) have preliminarily established trans-county ecological model area. Baiquan County has been appraised to be Green Food Raw Material Base by UNIDO and has won First Prize of International Ecological Engineering. 6 products have obtained natural food certificates issued by American Natural Food Association. 8 counties and districts have obtained the title of China Special Local Product Hometown. The green food planting area has reached 5.95 million mu. The green livestock and birds breeding population have reached 20 million. 100 products have obtained national green food marks and have ranked in the first place among various provinces and cities of China. Qiqihar is formally awarded with the title China Capital of Green Foods by the Recommendation and Promotion Activities Organization Committee of China Special Local Product Hometown in August 2002, which has greatly expanded the influence of Qiqihar.

ĦĦĦĦIII. The Unique Tourist Conditions

ĦĦĦĦQiqihar is endowed with great potentialities for tourist development. There are 13 natural reserves in the entire city, and among them Zhalong National Natural Reserve is the habitat of the world rare bird red-crowned cranes and it's also the wetland famous all over China, with more than 20 wild animals and more than 300 wild plants; Longsha Park, Labor Lake and Mahayana Temple, Mosque, Temple of Guan Yu, Shibei Mount, Ang'angxi Ancient Cultural Relics and Tazi Ancient City, and other cultural relics of the city have a long history.

ĦĦĦĦAs the largest city of China northward of 47 o N, Qiqihar has mingled with the northern blackland culture and prairie nomad culture and has gathered together the unique charming and simple and natural human landscapes and historical and cultural relics. Qiqihar is rich in tourist resources, whose landscapes have unique characteristics. Zhalong National Natural Reserve is an internationally important wetland, water fowl and bird reserve that is renowned at home and abroad. There are currently 15 categories of cranes, while China has 9 and Zhalong has 6 of them. Among them the red-crowned crane is the rarest. The Longsha Park with a history of hundred years is the largest urban comprehensive park in Northeast China. The provincial-level scenic and historic interest area Bright Moon Island, whose former name is Sishui Island, is located at 7 km northwest of the city area, with an area of 7.66 ha. There is the Wanshan Temple building complex that was built in 1925 on the island. Heilongjiang Martial's Mansion was rebuilt on the island in recent years, which has added massive historical culture connotation to the island. Mahayana Temple, which was first built in 1943, has been listed into Key Religious Interests of China, with a majestic vigor, a grand scale and a tranquil and secluded environment. It's a famous Buddhist Holy Land in Northeast China. The Pukui Mosque, which was first built in the 23 rd year of Kangxi (1684), is the Islamic church with the largest scale in Heilongjiang Province. The fully-closed Qingsong Pheasant Hunting Ground, which covers 70000 mu is constructed under the approval from the Ministry of Forestry of China. Angangxi New Stone Age Ancient Cultural Relics, National-level Cultural Relics Protection Unit-Puyulu Site of Jin Dynasty, Fularji Red Bank Park, Nianzishan Snake Cave Mount Scenic and Historic Interest Area and Kedong Erkeshan Park, etc, all the above-mentioned scenic spots are uniquely novel and interesting. Plus the newly-built Nirjisi Lake (Nirji Reservoir), which integrates with functions of drought-resistant, anti-flood, power generation and tour. In recent years, the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government has taken building an outstanding tourist city of China as the opportunity to conform the unique wetland culture, ice and snow culture, border national culture, religious culture and other tourist resources, to consolidate the urban brand of Ħ°large wetland of the world and crane hometown of ChinaĦħ and to make great efforts in developing ecological and green agriculture, equipment industry and other tours with characteristics. Qiqihar City has passed the check and acceptance of national appraisal group to Building Outstanding Tourist Cities of China, and the target of building the hometown of northern ecological tour is gradually coming true. In Qiqihar, you could view the snow landscapes, appreciate the ice sculptures and feel the man-made world in winter; you could tour the wetland to watch the crane dancing and experience the natural verve in summer; you could pay visits to the scenic spots and the ancient temple and listen to the morning bell and the evening drum in spring; you could walk on the lonely island and walk through the forest to experience the golden harvest in autumn.

ĦĦĦĦQiqihar City has successively obtained the titles of China Capital of Green Foods , Outstanding Tourist City of China and Attractive City of China. Qiqihar has successfully obtained the sponsorship to the 11 th National Winter Games in 2008 as well.
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